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Pop Art Overload

Pop Art Posted on Mon, November 13, 2017 14:04:09

I made this image for my wife’s second hand shop. It’s a mashup of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe, in a mix of Warhol/Lichtenstein style. And a few variations of it:

Prints for sale

Surreal Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 12:37:56

Good news everyone!

Some of my artwork can now be bought at Fine Art America

You can buy prints, canvas, t-shirts, coffee cups, towels, phone cases…
Heck, you can decorate your entire house with my stuff!

Yay! 🙂


Surreal Posted on Tue, October 21, 2014 19:06:10

Here’s a successor to one of my earlier work

The Walking Dead

Caricatures Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 16:39:05

A caricature of Rick from “The Walking Dead”

Stairway to the moon

Fantasy Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 16:17:57

I made this painting of my 2 sons after a a conversation between them:

Felix: “I want to sit on the moon!”
Axel: “Then we’ll need a long stair”.

The very little mermaid

Photos Posted on Mon, December 19, 2011 13:02:09

I was playing around with “tilt shift” and tried to see if I could make the little mermaid statue look smaller. I quickly realized it was a stupid example of making a simple tilt shift, I had to mask out everything and change the scale of the water…

Original photo:

The Aristocrat’s wife

Speedpaint Posted on Thu, June 09, 2011 11:49:57

Here’s the wife of the guy I made yesterday 🙂
20 min.

The Aristocrat

Speedpaint Posted on Wed, June 08, 2011 10:26:33

Today’s speedpaint 🙂
20 min.

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