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My wife Tünde

Portraits Posted on Fri, March 19, 2010 15:09:05

Here’s a painting I made for my wife as a present for our wedding.
In my proffesional work I always keep the deadlines, but my personal work can sure take it’s time. This was one of the first digital paintings I actually finished. I was struggling to get it done on time, and it was kind of an important deadline 😉
I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman, filled with tears of happiness 🙂

Strange behaviour

Portraits Posted on Mon, March 08, 2010 18:08:07

Once I joined a challenge over at, you make an image based on a topic, and the topic was “strange behaviour”.
I thought it would be quite strange to have a completely crazy person in a high ranking job(or perhaps not?), so I came up with this “clown judge”, a totally mad man whose job is to decide the fate of other people.

Some closeups: